I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a piece of denim in their wardrobe. If you do then let me know. Who are these people? If I could wear it everyday I would and believe me I do try. I had fond memories writing this, it is my Denim Days – pivitol denim moments:

The Katharine Hamnett denim jacket
In the early 1990’s I was at Newcastle Poly, just for a year before I headed off to London. It was the first year student loans came in, I think it was £600 for the year. I spent it well. On a Katharine Hamnett padded denim jacket in light blue. It fit me like a glove, with its slightly shaped back. I remember wearing it all the time. My favourite outfit was black polo neck, black jeans and engineer boots, although I also remember glamming it up with black leggings and Junior Gaultier ‘busty’ top which graced the Hacienda. All in all I feel the student loan was well spent – 29 years ago, £500, roughly £17 per year. Not spent on sustenance but nourished the soul.

Pale blue denim waistcoat
This was another item from circa 1990 and I think was bought at Kensington Market. Very pale blue second hand denim waistcoat. It’s immortalised on my library card from my first day registration at the London College of Printing. This saw me through some style moments, mainly the grunge of the early 1990s. As above mainly co-ordinated with black.

The ‘perfect’ denim jacket
I did a double take as a walked past this in The Stables Camden Lock. I knew as soon as I saw it and did I love wearing this. It still comes out on the odd occasion, usually layered under a parker for total comfort dressing. Fits snug, perfect length, loved wearing it buttoned up. Mostly with black jeans and black polo neck.

Denim Culottes – Evisu store in Tokyo.
I was in denim and indigo heaven in Tokyo. We had to buy two new suitcases for our return journey, but we travelled light on the way out. We stumbled across the Evisu store and whilst we all know the hand painted back pocket seagulls I was in awe of the range of womenswear, from stunning indigo check fabric dresses to heavy weight denim. I couldn’t resist these culottes and wear them as much as I can. Favourite accessories, Red Wing Clara’s and and indigo shirt. Double denim here we come.