I spent ages thinking about this post. I really just wanted to open my heart and tell everyone how much I love this man. I can only write from my soul so here goes.

A passing acquaintance once told me that if you ‘find one great love in your life then you’re the luckiest.’ Thank you to The Warehouse in Leeds in 1990. I don’t know how we found each other, but somewhere between the can of Sapporo and Nightmares on Wax we did. Timing is everything. I am thankful that I have shared the last 28 years with this man and we have moved together on our journey. Here and now being the next chapter for both of us.

The smockworks is my baby but the inspiration to realise it comes from him. I talked about Who Moved by Cheese in my earlier post (read here). The cheese had well and truly moved and whilst he had embraced change and announced like an epiphany that he was going to be a leatherworker for the rest of his life I was still sat there with my cross London PR head on. I watched over the next few years, in silent admiration how he just decided to do something and went on his way. He started small, worked hard, went against the grain and not only changed direction, but started two businesses, inspired over 500 people, starred in a TV programme, spoke on a panel alongside the Arts Council and found his calmness. I learnt a lot from this. Here is my top 5.

It is the foundation of the smockworks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Change is hard but living in the past is no good.
You are the only person who can make a change.
Human kindness is at the heart of everything.
There is always another way of looking at something.
Never be afraid to say ‘yes’.

He won’t tell you how brilliant he is so I will. Check out and