All of our smocks are named after something connected to smocking. All of them except Eve. She is named after our beautiful photographer Eve who shot the new styles when she was 8.5 months pregnant. Thank you Eve. Eve meet Eve.

Here are five things we’d like to share with you about Eve.

Her Cocoon Silhouette

Eve takes a slight departure from the squareness of the smock silhouette and embraces a gentle cocoon shape, fullness around the top with a really soft taper. Plenty of room and flattering.

Fluid Curved Seams

Eve is designed with beautiful fluid curved seams. You can see them at the front of the dress, curving down to the pocket and continuing round the back of the dress. Also on the sleeve you’ll notice a lovely deep curve. Adds detail and symmetry, with a topstitch to finish off.

Subtle Wave Smocking

Eve features a hint of wave smocking on the inner pocket. It has dual purpose – we call it our smockworks signature style, a hint of smocking somewhere on the dress. But not just anywhere – adding the smocking to the pockets helps the silhouette of the dress as it adds a slight rigidity to this area which enhances the cocoon shape.

Twin Stitch Detail

Our love of twin stitching continues. Eve features a line of twin stitching which runs right down the centre back. We thought it would be too much to have twin stitching on the front of the dress, so this seemed to be the perfect place. No twin needed here – all our twin stitching is done independently.

Her Pockets

Our dresses wouldn’t exist without pockets and Eve’s are perfectly proportioned. Wide but with no gape, deep enough for all those essentials and most importantly for hands.

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