Mayfield is the original member of the family. The first to be designed and she is (one) of my favourites. Celebrated here in the first in a series of videos Simply Working Dresses. Worn by me, in our showroom. I am camera and video shy but wanted to capture the movement and detail of the dress. No acting, all real. I never knew opening a door was so difficult. Apologies I look a little serious – I was concentrating.

Back to Mayfield, she’s all about silhouette and wearable volume with clean lines and top stitch detail, embracing smock style for modern times. Here’s five things we’d like to tell you without revealing all her secrets:

Her beautiful back silhouette
Mayfield hangs beautifully. The inverted box pleat and multiple pleat detail add volume for easy movement whilst retaining a clean silhouette. The length of the topstitch detail on the pleats adds a lovely aesthetic and keeps the pleats neat, finished off with a bar tac.

Keyhole neckline
The carefully shaped keyhole neck adds a feminine twist without revealing all. A loop fastening with discreet wooden button keeps it all in place.

Flattering front pleat detail
The front pleat detail allows a flattering volume silhouette with the stitch detail ensuring the pleats stay in place, mirroring the back pleat position for simple symmetry.

Pockets that are big enough…
…For hands, phones and other bits and bobs. Pockets that you can use, in the right place. Hurrah.

Her lovely angles
When you catch Mayfield from a certain angle you see a clean symmetry between the cuff shape, the topstitch on the run and fell side seam and the shape of the pocket. It’s like a perfect coming together.

The contrast fabric you can’t see
The detail that only you will know about. The contrast Japanese fabric inside the pocket and the front and back facing. Chosen for a subtle contrast with the colour of the denim.

See Mayfield here