Two years ago I did a presentation called Reset Fashion, about sustainable futures in the fashion industry. Last year I was invited to BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about sustainability in fashion, which I’m sharing here on Craft and Industry. It was on the back of the Fixing Fashion Report in 2019 commissioned by the Environmental Audit Committee which includes Mary Creagh MP for Wakefield. You can read the report here

The government rejected all key recommendation of the inquiry. Quoting from Eco-Age website, Mary Creagh commented “We presented the Government with evidence that it has failed to stop garment workers in this country being criminally underpaid.” Fast forward to the recent investigation by The Sunday Times into working conditions in Leicester and you have to ask why? Why in 2020 are we talking about ‘slavery investigation’ in the UK, to enjoy a £7 pair of jeans? How are people and companies allowed to behave like this? Recently I was in conversation with a friend who was ranting about the bad behaviour of someone he had asked to quote on a job. He talked about Human Being and Human Doing. That the behaviour was not Being Human. It resonated with me and reminded me about the B Corp approach which I’ve written about here. Business models need to change, measurements need to change. For too long profit has been pursued at the expense of all else. Let’s have more Human Being please.

You can listen to the interview below (audio needs to be on).